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HomeNewsNo matter "standing office" or "sitting office", too long time is not conducive to health.

No matter "standing office" or "sitting office", too long time is not conducive to health.


The correct way is to sit and stand alternately. The simplest way to achieve this is to choose a desktop can be high and low adjustment of the sitting station alternate office products, desktop height can be adjusted at will. Sitting for an hour or so will raise the table top, and then stand for half an hour to ease the muscles of the whole body, increase blood flow, and relieve the neck, shoulder and waist fatigue caused by sitting for a long time. The lifting table and lifting table for music and song are recommended here. The lifting table is suitable for people who are inconvenient to replace the existing desk. It is convenient and quick to use when it is disassembled. If you're looking for a desk, try the lift table. Both products can be easily lifted and lowered, suitable for people of different heights, and female users can easily operate.


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